About me

Mylène Pakeeree   Ι   La Rochelle   Ι   France

I am a dreamy, idealistic, passionate, curious, self-taught, persevering person.
I fell into the “computer pot” at the end of my studies, several decades ago, and stayed since then at the bottom (of the pot).
I managed to keep my child’s amazed, enthusiastic, joyful soul.
I was born in Mauritius, a small paradise in the Indian Ocean, and live in La Rochelle, a human size city, which I fell in love with, at first sight.
I took my first photo when I was 11 with my grandmother’s old Kodak, which took black and white pictures in small format. I continued ten years later with a more sophisticated analog camera Olympus, with which I took pictures of my island Mauritius in 1983. Later, in the 90s, I discovered and devoted myself to the video camera that corresponded for me to a family life.
In the mid-2000s, the passion for photography came back to me with a small compact camera and then my dslr, (a little more evolved), became an extension of my arm.
I love nature, animals, my garden, the beasts that fly in, the flowers, my lady cat, model size (spread 70 cm).
In 2018, I joined a photo club where I had the opportunity to do my first photo exhibition.
I like pot au feu and meat curry, quiche lorraine and spicy food and cook all these and more.
I dislike oysters and liars.
I like to put colors, in my life, in my photos, in my paintings and couldn’t live a day without music.
Photography has been kind of therapy to me. I’ve used it as a way of coping with bad feelings and frustrations. It makes me forget time for a moment, and “just be.”

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